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10 Ways to Shift Your Business Into High Gear in 2015

10 Ways to Shift Your Business into High Gear in 2015

Every year, we’re bombarded with articles on New Year’s resolutions. Well, this is another one, but the difference is that these resolutions don’t involve kicking the cigarette habit or losing those extra kilos. These are 10 resolutions to consider if you want your business to thrive in 2015.

1. Staffing

Take a good long look at staffing. Do you have enough help? Many businesses try to cut corners here, making one employee do the work of 2.5 or letting the unpaid interns pick up the slack. However, if you want your business to operate at peak efficiency, you need the right people, and you need enough people to get the job done right.

2. Social Media

Stop ignoring the digital world. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest aren’t fads. They’re not going away, and you need to start using them effectively.

3. Website Content

Don’t treat your website like a billboard. By that I mean don’t put it up and forget about it. Make sure your site is working properly and add new content regularly.

4. SEO

Get serious about SEO. Search engine optimization is another one of those ideas that isn’t going away. There are many good firms that can help your company rise in the online search results. Maybe you can’t be number one on Google, but at least try to move up several spots.

5. Customer Feedback

Create or improve customer feedback. How often do you actually hear from customers? The best companies know what their customers are thinking. You need to know as well.

6. Using Customer Feedback

Use your customer feedback. It’s not enough to simply find out what customers want; you need to offer it.

7. Routines

Eliminate one old procedure. Every company has some tradition that simply doesn’t make sense anymore. Whether it’s how you order office supplies or how often you have planning sessions, take a look at your routines and shake them up.

8. Competition

Spend one day looking at the competition. Take a day and look at every company you can find that offers goods or services similar to yours. What are they doing? How are they setting themselves apart from the pack? Borrow at least one good idea from a competitor and apply it to your business.

9. Goals Setting

Make a short-term goal. Too many times, companies look at the long term, which although important, doesn’t provide immediate satisfaction. Develop an achievable short-term goal for your company and then celebrate when that goal is met.

10. Business Plans

Look at the plan. Every business needs a business plan, so if you don’t have one, write one. If you do have one, look it over and make sure it still works. If not, revise it and refer to it frequently.

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