Workplace Gender Issues in Focus

March 2018 marked 100 years since Emilene Pankhurst and her Suffragettes in the UK won the right for women, albeit only those over the age of 30, to vote. 2018, a century later and gender inequality, discrimination and harassment are still major issues, especially in the working environment. From my pragmatic point of view, how can ‘we’ as a global community, as individual nations, as businesses of all sizes, consider ourselves innovators, thought-leaders and progressives when many are still ignoring the basic rights of a great percentage of the population?

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60 seconds with Tezza - Mr Iain Richard-Evan

Following the highly successful Camden anzac Day commemorations, Tezza spends 60 seconds with one of the key organisers of the annual event, president of the Camden RSL Sub-Branch, Mr Iain Richard-Evan.

Good Morning Sir...

TEZZA: How did you get involved in the Camden RSL Sub-Branch?

Iain: I initially joined the Men’s Bowling Club, then was nominated to stand for the Board of Directors of the Club Limited on the Camden RSL Sub Branch ticket. I was successful and a couple of years later I became the President of the Club Ltd and the Sub Branch at the same time and have now been in that role for 10 years.

TEZZA: Apart from your role at the Club, what type of business are you involved in?

Iain:  I work as a Funeral Director on a casual basis as I am actively involved doing other voluntary work for the ex-service community.

TEZZA: What is your role in Camden’s Anzac Day commemorations?

Iain: I am one of the key organisers and along with my committee, the planning and organising for the annual ANZAC Services starts in September every year. We now conduct five ANZAC Services before and on ANZAC Day as well as the very popular march through the main street.

TEZZA: What does Anzac Day mean to you personally?

Iain: To me, Anzac Day is a special day when everyone can have a break from the hustle and bustle of today’s environment to say thank you to the men and women who have made personal sacrifices to allow us all to have the lifestyle we enjoy today.

TEZZA: If you were down to your last $50, how would you spend it?

Iain: Try and keep it for as long as possible, but if I needed to spend it, I’d be frugal until I figured out where my next $50 was coming from. I will always make sure my health is not in danger by drinking water and having some food.

TEZZA: Iain Richard-Evan, THANK-YOU for taking time out of Your busy day & spending ‘60 seconds with TEZZA’

Iain: My pleasure....Thanks TEZZA!